My Inner Critic…

  I have put hardly any thought or any editing into this. I like it, though. I think. My inner critic is a bit of a bitch, though I can’t really think of what she’s been up to. She just kind of lingers there right in the background and far too frequently I forget she […]

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Lost & Found

This short story is something I wrote this time last year and is still a piece of writing have a lot of pride over. Inspired by a character in the novel A Visit From The Goon Squad by American novelist Jennifer Egan, I felt a weird urge to write about kleptomania… Enjoy!   He used […]

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Come back to bed…

You sit at the end of the bed and I lay with my eyes on the slight patch of mould growing slowly from the corner of my room. I think of the emails once a week from the landlord, reminding me to air the house and keep the heating on. I do, trust me, I […]

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13 Reasons Why…

Since 13 Reasons Why was released on Netflix at the end of March, there have been many… mixed reviews to say the least. Originally, when I first heard the announcement that the 2007 book by Jay Asher was coming to life, I was super excited to watch the series. I read the book when I was […]

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